An amazing team with strong strategic partnerships

Metrix Capital has highly experienced and talented team members with immense knowledge in the industry. We are continually establishing new partnerships with various players in the blockchain industry and helping to fund projects and founders in this expanding space.

Global networking and outreach

Metrix Capital is both – a global vehicle and a global community. A connection between individuals and entities to continuously evolve and benefit from the fast moving and dynamic industry. We are adamant in pursuing relationships across the wider crypto community and continuously enlarging its network on multiple horizons. Our network includes founders, influential advisors, opinion makers, investment funds, crowdfunding platforms, launch platforms, centralized exchanges and legal counselors.

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Why you should work with our team

Metrix Capital’s team has been active in the finance industry for almost two decades, and in the crypto space since 2013. Throughout the years, we have built up significant experience to support new endeavors and invest in the best projects coming to the market.

Partner with us

We offer helpful services and support

Metrix Capital does a lot more than invest in your project. We bring our expertise in various fields and operations to support and lift your project to a whole new level. The standard set of services and support we provide to projects include:

Project plan, value added and feasibility

We utilize in-house data models and proprietary research to analyze the most fundamentally sound projects. We help project refine their plan, unique value they are bringing and overall feasibility for all stakeholders.

Tokenomics, and cap table advisory

We utilize a widespread database of historic projects, lessons learned, and personal experiences in assessing and advising on the tokenomics and cap tables of projects. We give concise advice how to achieve long term success.

Fundraising plan and support

When agreed with Founders of a projects, we take a very active role in allocating investors. We introduce investors with sound reputation in the industry looking for long term value. We also help negotiate their individual investment terms.

Financial plan and financial feasibility

We have a significant track record of creating, maintaining and enhancing business plans and financial plans. These are key for Founders to realize the real financial flows of projects and demonstrate financial feasibility to reputable investors.

Industry influencers

Metrix Capital maintains close relationships in the crypto space, namely with persons of major influence (KOLs). We leverage our contacts to help projects establish a full influencer network in countries worldwide.

Corporate setup and legal support

Our team offers value in various areas, such as legal and corporate setup, HR, governance, and treasury management. We deliver legal engagements in cooperation with a UK-based law firm with significant track record in the crypto space.